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Fundo Kids provides central India's best online and offline classes Best Coding Classes For Kids in Chhattisgarh with experts. Here, each students flourish their imagination and creativity. We help and guide them for their own creation, which helps enhancing their Analytical thinking, Problem solving skills, Mathematically, Imagination, Confidence and much more! Step bright future ahead. Interaction with experts, each child gain knowledge, receive personal attention, regular feedback and enough opportunities to clarify doubts during their classes, result in learning and building knowledge in easy way than ever.

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smart coder

Steps to become a smart coder

  • Step 1. Enroll
    Attend the demo classes and schedule for live classes
  • Step 2. Learn
    Your kid will learn directly from experts through online classes
  • Step 3. Implementation
    Your kid will implement his own idea into reality and build cool projects
  • Step 4. Certification
    Certificate for your kid to showcase skills & learning to the world

What is coding?

Coding, also called as computer programming, is we use to communicate with computers. The Code which we write, tells a computer what actions to take, and writing code is like creating a set of instructions. By learning to write code, you can tell computers what to do or how to behave in a sequence. You can use computer programming to make games, apps or process data and do lots of other cool things.

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What Age is Appropriate to Learn to Code?

Coding for kids is typically gamified making it fun for kids to learn! Since coding can be gamified, kids as early as age 7 can start learning how to code using visual block interfaces or age appropriate text-based coding classes. Kids computer programming courses using games, apps, and other kids-centric projects is a research-based approach that has been proven to teach real world skills in a way that keeps students engaged.

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Why to learn coding?

Kids spend lots of time on mobile / laptop, They spend their time in playing computer games or so. If we channelize their interest in coding than they can learn and can build games, apps or other things on their own. They can start coding as hobby and later on it can be useful for their future also. We make learning so much fun so that anyone can learn coding. At younger age if kids learn coding than when they actually need these skills they will be ready and much ahead in competition.

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Teaching + Fun = Learning

Learn and build cool games, mobile apps, robotics, home automation, skill development, spoken english and so much more!

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Our programmes teach learners critical thinking, problem solving and computational thinking skills

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