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Child Development

Child Development Classes

Specially designed course for kids motor skills, early hobby development, vocabulary and various different skills of Child

Basic Computer

Basic Computer Knowledge

  • Computer basics
  • Knowing Operating system
  • Understanding Word processing
  • Using spread sheets
  • Introduction of Internet, web browsers
  • Emails & netiquette
  • Making small presentation
  • Excel
  • Financial literacy
Game Making

Game Making Course

  • Make your own game
  • Hands on approach
  • 100% practical knowledge
  • Quantitative skills
  • Critical reasoning
  • Emotional intelligence

App Development

App Development Course

  • Make your own Application
  • Critical reasoning
  • Analytical skill
  • Hands on approach
  • 100% practical knowledge
  • Quantitative skills
  • Systematic thinking process

Spoken English

Spoken English

Improve your spoken English Free! Basics of English Speaking for beginners using common expressions. Learn what to say and how to say things in daily conversations. Improve your English fluency in a business and office setting. Improve your listening skills with fun questions and answers. Build basic grammar skills pertaining to English speaking.

Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Learn home automation like connecting different devices, controlling through phone, security and more

Robotics -->


  • Learn robotics through easy and practical approach.
  • 100% hands on classes
  • Robotics kits are also available